Our Vision


Investpal’s vision is economic uplifting of the people.

To eliminate poverty by uplifting the society as a whole. We want to give economic independence to the people through our savings and growth guidance. We want them to make gains along with us.


Wealth should not only be limited for the very rich. Everyone has the right to progress economically and we are just helping in achieving this right.


With this vision, our competitors are not competitors but actually partners in accomplishing this goal.

4 core values


Innovation - We will always think of improving our product. Always keeping user experience at the forefront of what we do. User experience does not necessarily mean agreeing to all customer/user demands. It means giving the user what he cannot envision. It is what the user really wants but does not have the vision to explain it.


Benefit for All - We will work on a benefit for all - profit growing methodology. Where our employees, partners, vendors, and customers, alike, make gains along with our company.


Integrity - Integrity means honesty, transparency and Saying 'No' to all the business which comes at a cost of compromising integrity, no matter how attractive.


Delivery - We will cut the hierarchical bureaucracy and will focus on delivery and delivery alone. Be it delivery to our customers or to our colleagues and peers.

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Investpal is a savings and investment platform. Our purpose is not to trade short term, therefore, we recommend only long term investments that you can easily afford to contribute through small monthly and weekly savings.


Capital is at risk. Crypto Currencies are highly volatile. Past Performance is not a guarantee of the future performance.

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