• InvestPal will charge a 20% fee after you have made a 20% Profit in your investment. The fee will be 20% on the additional profit.


For example, you deposited £100. InvestPal will not charge any fee until you achieve Minimum Profit Threshold(MPT) of 20% i.e. £120. Let's suppose your fund grows up to 50% i.e. £150. InvestPal will charge 20% on the additional £30 (£150 - £120=£30). In this example:

Your Deposit: £100

Your gross Profit: £50

InvestPal Fee: £6

Your net Profit: £44

  • For withdrawals, If you decide to withdraw within the first 12 months, then Investpal will charge a minimum withdrawal fee of £50. After the first year, the withdrawal fee will reduce to £10.

  • Fee will be charged at the end of each year or at the time of withdrawal.

  • Withdrawals can only be done to a bank account in your name only after you have submitted and verified your ID documents

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Investpal is a savings and investment platform. Our purpose is not to trade short term, therefore, we recommend only long term investments that you can easily afford to contribute through small monthly and weekly savings.


Capital is at risk. Crypto Currencies are highly volatile. Past Performance is not a guarantee of the future performance.

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